Process, Products and Measurements

I'm new to Met Tailor. What is required of me to get started?

Looking for stylish garments of superb fabrics that fit you and makes you stand out? Met Tailor is the best place for you. Our garments are impeccably designed from fabrics that have been sourced from the finest mills around the globe. It is undoubted that our products from suits to pocket squares are top-notch. Feel free to access the site at anytime that suits you.

Our personal stylists are outstanding experts at designing garments that exclusively fit you. They will meet you at your convenient time with warm welcoming gestures. They are obliged to set up measurement profile at no charge. Looking for a well-trained professional that will make you look awesome is just an email away. To find a Personal Stylist, please email

I'm new to Met Tailor. What is required of me to get started?

It so easy, kindly login to the site and view your Personal Stylist’s contact details at the lower right hand corner on the homepage. If you are not logged in to the site, please search by name using our Personal Stylist Locator tool

How can I get measured and set up a measurement profile?

Please get in touch with your Personal Stylist to get measured. Your Personal Stylist will professionally set up an accurate measurement profile that makes you look adorable, be it customized shirts, made-to-measure trousers or a personalized sport coat or suit. This measurement is important and must be well taken in order for us to design an attractive garment that best fits you.

Orders, Shipping & Delivery

How do I check the status of my order?

To verify the status of your order please kindly contact your Personal Stylist or our Customer Service group on this mobile number; + 1 917-924-2350.

Why can’t I buy my custom shirts, trousers or suits online?

It is most preferred to contact your Personal Stylist for a 5 star rated measurement that guarantees the perfect fit. We are aimed to provide an optimum satisfaction by ensuring your garments fit you perfectly and we also give you the first shirt for approval before additional custom shirts are ordered online.

However, trousers and suits are unavailable to order online presently. Please contact your Personal Stylist to place an order.

If you don’t have a Personal Stylist yet, simply visit email

How do I post my shipping address on an order?

In order to effect the necessary changes as quick as possible, please kindly contact your Personal Stylist to update the shipping address on the order.

Does MET TAiLOR ship internationally or conduct international business?

Yes. Please check out our locations page.

What is the stipulated duration for delivery on custom shirts, trousers and suits?

It is expected that shirts 2 weeks, trousers, sports jackets and suits 3-4 weeks.

Returns and Exchanges

What is the return policy?

Met Tailor strives for 100% customer satisfaction whenever reasonably possible. If Met Tailor cannot satisfy the customer, the company may accept timely return of purchased items in original condition for credit or full refund of payment. Custom-made apparel delivered to customer is not returnable if it meets at order entry specifications, but may be subject to adjustment if the Sales Professional who sold the garment deems such to be practical. Upon ordering non-custom apparel, and before delivery and acceptance, the customer has 30 days to inform the Sales Professional who enters the order of the customer’s intent to cancel the order for the non-custom apparel. The company reserves the right to make reasonable efforts to correct any initial issues relative to delivered merchandise to the reasonable satisfaction of the customer. The company in its discretion may not accept responsibility for the return of delivered merchandise deemed unacceptable for reasons not the fault of the company or its stylists.

Account and Email System

What could make me have difficulties logging into my online account?

If you access your account with a wrong login details, you will be denied access. Please verify that your username and password tally. If you’ve forgotten your password, simply enter your username (email address) and click the “forgot password” link.

If you are a new on this site and probably have not made any transaction, please Endeavour your new online account is activated. In order to confirm your account kindly login your email and access the confirmation email sent from Met Tailor. Please follow the instructions in the email to confirm your account. If you encounter any problem, kindly contact our Customer Service group on this mobile number; + 1 917-924-2350.

Why does Met Tailor accept only one email account for a client’s account?

The email address provided by you is what our system automatically makes your username. That is why only one email account is allowed for a client.

I forgot my password, how can I log in?

If you forgot your password, simply enter your email address and click the “forgot password” link.

How do I unsubscribe for promotional emails?

You can unsubscribe your email address by simply clicking the “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of your email.

Payments, Pricing & Gift Cards

What methods of payment does Met Tailor accept?

Met Tailor accepts the use of all major credit cards.

How do I check balance on my Gift Card?

You can verify your account status by providing the 8-digit gift card code on the back of your Gift Card or from your E-Gift Card.

How can I use Gift Card or E-Gift Card to place an order?

You can trade with your Gift Card or E-Gift Card via a Personal Stylist or on our website. To cash online, enter the 8-digit Gift Card code on the back of your Gift Card or from your E-Gift Card in the area designated “Gift Card” at the time of check out.

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